I assist people of all ages to know what they already know, to trust their intuition, to let go and fully surrender to the mysterious workings of the Universe and the wisdom of the Universe that always supports us. All healing sessions for individuals and groups are customized according to what they are ready to let go of and what I intuit as the perfect modality for their highest and greatest good.

I offer an array of creative healing arts both ancient and modern such as Shamanic Soul Retrieval, Accelerated Light Healing, Access Bars, Usui Reiki, Emotional Release Body Work, Champissage (Indian Head Massage) and Vibrational Sound Healing for energy balancing, harmony, and ease.

My intention is to assist all beings to clear old stories and beliefs, release limiting programs and restore faith in the mysterious workings of the Universe. This manifests when the soul is ready to let go of past memories which are no longer serving our highest good and create a life filled with infinite ease, joy and bliss.

When the path is clear, Divine Universal Life force energy can flow more easily and effortlessly to attract and manifest your whatever you desire and require and celebrate your divine essence and authentic self.I am available to facilitate workshops, speaking engagements and classes in Sensing Auras and Past Lives, Sound healing circles, Reiki Hands On Healing, Crystal Ball Divination Techniques and Ancestral Blessings Workshops.

All Sessions Are Private, Confidential and Can be offered in Person or at a distance By Phone or Skype.

Email me with any questions about accelerated light healing sessions:  vandanalighthealing@gmail.com

Accelerated Light Blessings,
Vandana Atara Aura

Enjoy this sample audio clip: Feeling Closer to the Invisible Realms. Be sure to visit the MP3 Store for all of my Transforming MP3s.




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