Accelerated Light Healing Through The Akashic Records

Accelerated Light Healing Through The Akashic Records

Become An Akashic Light Energy Healer

Hello Beautiful Akashic Light Family,

I am super excited to invite you to learn how to be an Accelerated Akashic Light Healer in a brand new certification training program to expand and awaken your soul light vibration even more!

I’ve moved the start date to Thursday, May 18th & am now offering a 3-part payment plan. Please see details below.

This 5-week online course offers you a golden opportunity to take your healing practice to an even higher octave of cosmic consciousness so you can be of even greater service as a co-creator with the new earth energies!

Learn how you can help offer 5D & higher multidimensional healing tools for your friends, family, & clients. You can finally help yourself & serve others to heal the past & clear ancient soul ties & karmic contracts faster than you ever dreamed possible.

Join Vandana & the Accelerated Light Master Guides to learn, practice, grow, & share your unique intuitive gifts & healing abilities & leave your powerful soul print on humanity at this time of rapid transformation on our beloved Gaia!

This Akashic Light Energy Healing Certification Program will give you the skills you need to offer Akashic Readings & Healing Services with ease & grace!

Your 3rd, 4th, & 5th multidimensional eyes & crystal clear vision will be activated & awakened by receiving ascension activations & attunements to learn how to practice the following new skills & services:

– Divination
– Psychometry
– Trataka Candle Gazing (Cleansing The Eyes)
– Shamanic Candle Reading Diagnostics
– Crystals & Gemstone Readings
– Automatic Writing
– Pineal Gland Activations
– Gamma Breath Work

If you’re an intuitive reader, energy healer, or spiritual coach, & you’re willing, able, & ready to dive deeper into the heart of the akashic records, then this certification class is for you!

Come play in this 5-week energy healing training program!

You can join from the comfort of home by phone, Skype, or webcast.

Class Title:
Accelerated Healing Through The Akashic Records

Class Dates:
Thursday, May 18th, 25, June 1st, 8th, & 15th

Class Time:
12 Noon EST-1:30 PM EST

Join Vandana in this powerful 5-Week  Akashic Energy Healing Program

Accelerated Akashic Energy Healing Techniques Teaches You How To:

  • Clear entities & negative energy patterns for you & your ancestors
  • Learn ancient prayers & mantras to forgive yourself & others
  • Heal resistance & avoidance to manifesting your soul purpose
  • Call back soul fragments & retrieve your multi-dimensional mastery
  • Integrate & embody your galactic gifts & divine wisdom-apply R.I.C.H. & R.A.C.E. soul codes to heal ancient soul trauma
  • Access & embody your divine essence & true nature from all timelines, lifetimes, & dimensions you’ve existed upon
  • Experience cosmic shamanic soul healing & karmic clearing rituals
  • Dissolve & remove ancient soul ties, cords, hooks, bindings, spells, & karmic miasmic imprinting
  • Heal your childhood fears from past lives & parallel realities

It’s amazing to open, access, & read your own & others soul records & just imagine how fulfilling it would be to know how to heal & clear soul records, past life soul trauma, family karma, & ancestral imprinting for yourself, your loved ones, & the collective consciousness of all souls willing to receive your special healing gifts?

I’m looking forward to playing with you again in the quantum field of MIRACLES always available for you as an eternal soul, divine creator, & infinite being!

The Regular 5-Week Tuition Fee Is $888 and I’m being called to offer this Training Program for just $444 for a limited time! That’s A 50% Savings! Woo Hoo!!!

You are here to live your life on purpose & embody your peak potential!

If you’re reading these words now, you are meant to participate, take a quantum leap of faith, jump dimensions, & shine your light in a whole new way & it’s time to start right here & right now!

I’ve soul contracted to make life easier for you to do what you came here to do, live your soul purpose, & experience more JOY than you ever dreamed or were told was even possible.

Once you sign up, you’ll receive all the materials you need for each class as well as a certificate of completion as an Accelerated Light Akashic Energy Healer so check your inbox for instructions on how to join our weekly classes via phone, web call or with Skype on the Instant Teleseminar conference line.

If you can’t make a live class, you’ll always receive the replays to listen to at your convenience anytime & anywhere you are.


1 Payment of $444

The full course fee is due May 16th, 2017


2 Payments of $222

Dates For 2 Part Payment Plan:
The 1st payment is due by Wednesday, May 18th &
the 2nd payment is due by June 8th, 2017


3 Payments of $148

Dates For 3 Part Payment Plan:
The 1st class payment is due by Wednesday, May 18th,
the 2nd payment is due by Thursday, June 1st &
the 3rd payment is due by June 15th


I look forward to playing with you in the quantum field of infinite possibilities and magical miracles!

Accelerated Light Blessings,
Vandana Atara Aura
Co-Creator Of Accelerated Light Healing