Claiming Your Creative Gifts & Magical Abilities



If you’ve been feeling blocked, powerless to change your life, or out of control, then please read on. You see, you have untapped gifts, abilities, and skills that are just waiting to be expressed and shared with people who need you on this planet, but how can you share your powerful gifts if you feel frustrated, challenged, and defeated?

It’s so much easier than we’ve been told:)

Before I continue, I’m going to clear out of your field any expectations you have about what power means, what it doesn’t mean, what happened when you had it, how you used or misused it and how you can take your powers back from all of your timelines, lifetimes, and multidimensional realms.

“Everywhere in your bodies, chakras, cells and DNA that make you want to run and hide from your powers…unlock it, cancel it, and uncreate it now”…feel these old, outdated, and stagnant energies unwinding and returning to its original point of creation so you can be free of it now and forever.

The simpler, faster, and shorter way to clear dense debris and outdated programming is to state the magical command known as R.I.C.H.

Let’s run another clearing and please create your own…it’s fun and super empowering!

“Everywhere you were told powerful people were bad, greedy, wrong, mean, vicious, nasty, or no one in your family was ever powerful so don’t even try to claim your powers…R.I.C.H.” Now just exhale, let go, and notice how it feels to return to you natural state of well-being. Good right?

Each time you run a clearing, your natural healing gifts, abilities, and powers return!

Here’s another one: “Everywhere you still feel insignificant, invisible, and inferior because of lies you’ve been told…Unwind, Unravel, Release, Clear, and R.I.C.H.” Please return all of those lies back to cosmic consciousness right here and right now! The truth is that your voice does count and you deserve to feel safe speaking your truth and broadcasting your unique message to the masses!!!

When you say the magical word R.I.C.H. the light codes embedded within each letter will send an instant message to the universe to reset your reality back to its divine perfection and original DNA blueprint so you can do what you came here to do and fully participate in this game of life as a divine creator and sovereign being.

R.I.C.H. stands for Release, Integrate, Create, and Harmonize. All of these energies are interconnected so each letter individually and spelled out can pierce through veils of illusion and confusion so you can re-create something newer, better, and different in the blink of an eye.

Try it out at home, with a friend, or explore this transformational tool to accelerate the changes that you seek. It’s fun and easy but most of all it works! You can clear and uncreate everything you’ve miscreated or any energies that others created that simply are not serving you.

Here’s another example of how to use this tool: “Everything that makes me feel weak, drained, and depleted…unlock, undo, unravel…& R.I.C.H. ” Take a deep breath inhaling golden white liquid light and allow this intelligent healing light to cleanse and purify your cells & DNA and then  on the exhale find an exit point for the toxic thoughts, feelings, or emotions so these energies can be flushed out like dirty running water from like the soles of your feet or the top of your head and trust. When you feel these heavy energies have subsided, then expand your breath until you  it is done you feel lighter, more relaxed, and totally energized.

Once you run this clearing statement, everything will feel lighter and brighter!
Taking back, claiming, owning, and honoring your gifts, value, and authenticity can and will help you to manifest more ease, joy, peace, space, and grace without any effort or struggle.

Share this empowering tool with your friends, family, loved ones, those who have lost their way, and the entire planet and watch miracles unfold as if by magic!

Accelerated Light Blessings,

Vandana Atara Aura
Creator Of Accelerated Light Healing

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