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Invest in yourself this year. Make it the year those dreams start coming true, the old is done and gone and it’s time for your Heroic Journey to start this Fall.

Are you fed up? Having days where you feel you’re dragging yourself around. Pain takes hold and doesn’t let go. Self sabotaging thoughts keep resurfacing? You’re sick and tired. Or you have a breakthrough but it doesn’t last. Isn’t it time to change it up for the better?


Series 2

Starting September 26 through November 16.

Sign up Here:


This series is about to start and you can be a part of this global movement to make those changes you’ve been longing for:

* More money

* Living pain free

* Better health

* Peace of mind

* More play

* Discovering and living your purpose

* Loving life

* Loving and Appreciating Yourself


Listen and experience the gifts these very special healers and teachers have to share.

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Looking Forward to Seeing You There!

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