Keeping up with the Speed of Change.


It’s a challenge to stay aligned these days in the midst of such rapid change. It’s the change we have all come to participate in. This is our time and we are the light workers who signed on to help steward the new energies coming to the Earth: new energies restoring the return the Earth to it’s original purpose and place in the universe. We are all a conscious part of this and in order to be the best stewards we can, we need to do the work of making ourselves ever more clear and aligned.

That’s where the Longing of Your Heart comes in. By following your heart, by paying attention to what you are longing for, you’ll find your way to yourself, to being all you truly are, to bringing your piece of the puzzle into the larger picture.

Ready, Set, Go?  Ready to go deep inside yourself to reveal your own treasures? This Journey will help you open those locked parts of yourself, call back fragments of yourself that you’ve scattered across the universe and that are longing to come home. This journey is designed to take you to new heights, new levels of success, draw more abundance into your life, help you accomplish the longing of your heart. and be the being of Light in full regalia that you are.

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Have you been struggling for years looking for a way out? It’s all within you and it’s entirely possible to move beyond fear, limitations, pain, and poor health, or whatever your issues. In this new telesummit you will hear from amazing speakers and healers, energy teachers and light workers sharing their experiences and the truths they found along their path that have catapulted them into living their life’s purpose and thriving.

Feeling alone or misunderstood?

Break through your illusions.

* Experience healings live on the calls

* Rekindle the joy you knew as a child

* Revive your vitality

* Make your home a sanctuary

* Learn to Love and Accept Yourself

* Experience Activations and Clearings

* Jump start the next big chapter in your life and leave behind thinking this is all there is. There is more, there is always more, this is the nature of the universe…forever expanding.

* Break through your illusions.

There is no charge to join in the call and if your number is chosen, you may speak directly to the speaker or have your written questions answered and receive personalized interaction, guidance, and/or healing energies.


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