Now Is The Time. Sedona Is The Place!



Greetings Sweet Souls,

Are you hearing the call to visit the red rocks and vortexes of Sedona?

It’s been 3 years since I’ve visited this sacred land and I missed it so much that I allowed the Universe to Divinely set it all up for me to return!

And it worked!!!!
Have you felt a powerful longing to go but you just didn’t think it was possible?

Well, what else is possible?

Your soul family is waiting for a sacred soul reunion! I can’t wait to be in Sedona again because I know and feel this healing retreat is going to be a life changer for every soul whose guided to come!

The dates are Nov 4-6th, 2016. Learn more about this magical experience designed to help you get unstuck, clear your blockages, and navigate the new earth energies of 5D living!

Here’s the link to come play!!!:

Only say YES. if you would like to experience:
  • A life of love, light, ease and grace.
  • A joyful connection of Mind~Body~Spirit & Soul.
  • Manifesting your highest destiny.
  • Living your life in a miraculous flow.

Here’s a message from my dear friend Keni Kumara. Please listen here:

Since Mercury is no longer retrograde, you’re free to make plans for this beautiful & unique Sedona Retreat on Nov 4-6th, 2016 calledThe Joy of Awakening Summit. 

• Reset your energetic imprints.
• Uplevel your health + wellbeing.
• Activate pristine peace and bliss.
• Heal the origins and effects of stress.
• Tap into your inner wellspring of power.
• Connect + network with likeminded people.
• Reorient to the living from present moment.
• Realign with your intuition and inner knowing.
• Set clear goals for the next big steps your life.
• Be supported by the power of ancient land of Sedona.
• Have fun, laugh, & unearth the joy of being your truest self.

See firsthand how your joy, once awakened, can clear the way for elegance and ease to melt into all the untended areas of your life.

Sedona itself has a powerful natural intelligence, that assists us in amplifying our ability to go deep into ourselves, to retrieve essential pieces of our Being, that we’ve either repressed or compartmentalized.
In collaboration with this sacred land, Kenji invites you to come…
Retreat into your truest self.
Emerge with a new vision that serves your life purpose.
There are still some seats with your name on it for Joy Of Awakening Summit on Nov 4-6th with an option to stay for hiking in nature on Nov 7th.

Here’s the link to register:
All meals are included and lodging is still available.

You can even make 2 payments if that’s easier for your budget!

If you have any questions about how to claim your seat, send a message at or email me at

Hope to see you there!

Accelerated Light Blessings,

Vandana Atara Aura
Co-Creator Of Accelerated Light Healing

Author: White Sage Woman

Rev. Tiffany White Sage Woman, RMT, RH, INHA is a Multi Dimensional Healer, Ascension Guide, Ordained Spiritual Inter-Denominational Minister, Divine Channel, Psychic Medium and Holistic Health Practitioner. Even though she is a natural born Healer, her personal experiences, continued exploration, training and certification in multiple Healing Modalities reflects that Healing is an on going process. She is the Owner of Goldylocks Temple of Healing, llc located in Groton, CT and has clients located all over the world. Goldylocks Productions is a subdivision of Goldylocks Temple of Healing, llc. Tiffany produces Radio and TV Shows for those in the Holistic Profession.

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