Experience Accelerated Light Healing in this Replay of the Quantum Conversation with Vandana Atara ~ Enjoy!



~  Flowing with the Grace of New Earth ~

Accelerated Light Healing

Vandana Atara on Quantum Conversations



Flowing With Grace On The New Earth

What we all have in common is we all have a past filled with stories, conversations, and life experiences. Everything we’ve ever seen, known, heard, or felt is held & stored in our cellular consciousness & dna structure.This includes all of our timelines & dimensions our soul has ever experienced!

A Message from Vandana

As we awaken to our unique soul print & life purpose, our gifts are revealed so we can navigate the new energies with ease & grace. The challenge is that everything is shifting so rapidly that it might take some time & may feel like this in between space is too uncomfortable to bear as we adjust to a new way of being, recalibrate our systems & integrate these vibrational upgrades.

As we evolve into our divine human template,high amounts of auroras & plasma frequencies are intensifying to shine a light on our shadows to help us claim our multidimensional mastery. These super intense crystalline light frequencies are streaming into our hologram as well as the planets to allow us to integrate higher expressions of consciousness.

No one is excluded from these incoming frequencies & if we allow this process instead of getting in our own way & resisting the changes, we can experience our highest potential at this time of rapid transformation as we move into the golden age of our planets stellar activation cycle.

The accelerated light healing frequencies provide a new road map to help us ride the quantum waves of ascension & anchor these higher frequencies in our physical vessels on the new crystalline earth grids. As we experience dimensional blending, we can merge our future timelines of divine union into our earths trajectory so we can ascend again in harmonic convergence.

This requires our entire planets consciousness to evolve with new tools & energetic processes that activate our higher brains fullest potential to live an inspired & authentic life.

Most of our past conditioning includes false identities we’ve learned from our family karma & ancestral trauma that keeps us sleeping & unconscious. With accelerated light healing, we can experience soul liberation & manifest our dreams, visions, & desires with crystal clear clarity from a higher perspective.

The inter-dimensional light codes help us to heal the past & live in the eternal now from moment to moment. As we retrieve the parts of us living in parallel realities & alternate universes, it becomes easier to feel whole & complete & truly remember who we are & why we’ve come to planet earth at this exciting time of rapid transformation.

This frequency transmission releases & clears out past stress, struggle, & trauma patterns & imprints so we can can heal our current relationships & reunite with our soul families, groups, communities, & tribes to feel like we belong here & are strong here, to do what we came here to do, & express our sovereignty on the new earth as we merge & blend with Gaia into oneness & unity consciousness.

Listen in  via phone or computer or listen to the REPLAY anytime after the show!

It’s all Free!

WHEN: Today, Tuesday, October 18

TIME: 3pm Pacific / 4pm Mountain / 5pm Central / 6pm Eastern / 11pm GMT

WEBCAST: www.acoustichealth.com/HCs10vandana.htm


PHONE NUMBER: (425) 440-5100


LISTEN TO THE REPLAY after the show



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