“Your Divine Uniqueness” Telesummit on October 25th @ 2 pm ET



Greetings Accelerated Light Soul Family!

I’m happy to announce that I was invited back to be on a live call with my friend Moncef Afkir from the “Your Divine Uniqueness” Telesummit on October 25th @ 2pm Eastern Time. Call in by phone or listen on your computer to receive A Free Frequency Transmission To Merge With Your Higher Self & It’s Ancient Wisdom With Ease & Grace! Visit this link to learn more & be a part of this party of consciousness!!!


Experience the new earth energies of the stellar ascension cycle to unlock & reveal your soul gifts & avatar abilities at accelerated speed so you can align with the harmonic universe where your higher self lives.

I’m excited to be a featured speaker & present new information about what’s really going on behind the scenes & how you can feel safe & supported being you! I’d love you to be there with me. Click here to come play with me in the quantum field of magical & infinite possibilities here:

Listen to the last seasons episode where I spoke with live callers & empowered listeners to come out of the spiritual closet & live an authentic life here: http://yourdivineuniqueness.com/vandana6

Accelerated Light Blessings,

Vandana Atara Aura
Creator Of Accelerated Light Healing

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