My Sedona Retreat: How I Instantly Manifested My Dreams Into Reality



Greetings Star Friends, Family, & Relations,

It’s been a while since I’ve reached out so I’d like to share a life changing experience that I was blessed with on a recent trip to Sedona.

I was guided to share this major life event to inspire your own divine awakening.

As divine humans, we all have the natural ability to manifest our hearts desires but through years & lifetimes of mind control, manipulation, separation, lack, scarcity & limitation consciousness, we may fall under a spell that we cannot, should not, or will not get to experience the blessings that are inherently ours.

After several years of working 24/7, taking care of my son’s needs, & being in survival mode, I was shaken up by a casual comment a dear friend of mine made when I shared with her that I was invited to an ascension healing retreat in Sedona by one of my favorite teachers that I’ve been wanting to meet for years.

I was invited more than a month before, was gifted a 3 day stay tuition free, was offered to stay at a friend’s condo, & was also gifted with a free sightseeing tour of the rest of Arizona including visiting a hopi reservation, going hiking to walnut canyon, feeding tigers, & having all of my expenses paid and yet….I still was pondering if I could do it & leave behind my worldy human duties & responsibilities.

Long story short, my friend said “you NEED to go…you NEVER go anywhere.
As soon as she said those words, it woke me up & I realized it was true. I spend so much time on facebook watching others sharing their photos of amazing vacations all over the world & was tired of playing small & depriving myself of an awesome & life changing experience…so trusting the universe to support this trip,off I went.

Needless to say, I R.I.C.H.E.D. & R.A.C.E.D. any resistance or nonsensical excuses why I couldn’t go & had embraced this gift filling my heart with infinite gratitude to all the players in this dream that became real & true.

You can do this too. When there’s a will, there’s a way. Please don’t listen to those voices telling you it can never happen or this isn’t the right time to step into a whole new reality that you get to create.

Just say YES to change, say YES to new opportunities, gifts, & blessings that show up & fall into your lap as if by MAGIC. It’s all DIVINE. All you have to do is acknowledge you are so worthy of receiving it.

Stay present, live in each & every now moment, & give yourself permission to come out of hiding & invisibility.

You’re so worth it, You’re beyond good enough, & your deserve to be In-JOY!

Be a walking talking miracle of cosmic creation!

Wherever you place your focus & attention, it will grow so what do you CHOOSE to focus on?

What if you can recognize when a gift was presented to you & accept each one?

What if it can be easy being you again?

What if this time it could be different than ever before?

I wish you all a happy Thanks-Giving & I give Thanks for you!

P.S.-If you want to see my albums from Sedona, send me an email & I’m happy to share them. I’ll be returning to Sedona for my healing & soul renewal in February, 2017. Who wants to join me there?

Accelerated Light Blessings,
Vandana Atara Aura

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