Join Me in Sedona For Our Next Retreat on February 3-5, 2017



Greetings Beautiful Friend,

I’m still in the “After Glow” stage of vibrating high from my retreat in Sedona!
Yes, I did that. I manifested myself being there again after teaching Accelerated
Light Healing Classes back in 2014. I just KNEW I would be back to a place that felt like home…like I had lived there before in a past life or even in a parallel universe and what if we all have the inherent awareness to manifest our dreams and that it could actually be fun, easy and effortless?

How would that feel as you take a breath now with me and “SEE” it happening right before your very eyes on a sub atomic level. Take another breath and as allow your brain and body to light up and feel the energy of the red rocks, vortexes, power spots, birthing caves, ceremonial grounds, and crystalline energy that’s already vibrationally supporting your vision and setting up all the details for you right now…in the eternal now.

Like you, there were many times in my life where I decided I couldn’t, shouldn’t or wouldn’t allow myself to relax and allow the universe to support me. It was almost like I felt I didn’t have a choice…Well, that wasn’t working very well for me in fact, it was blocking me off and closing the door on magical possibilities that I just knew were awaiting me if I just opened that door and stepped in.

Then recently a friend of mine who always seems to push the right buttons and trigger me said “You need to go to Sedona and you never go anywhere”. That was exactly what I needed to hear because yes, I was tired too watching others go on exotic journeys and dreamy vacations and feel that I couldn’t so I had a conversation with God/Goddess and said I am going. I committed to going and somehow as soon as I said YES, the universe poured infinite and multiple streams of abundance, wealth, opportunities, invitations, resources, and support to not only make it possible but to also make it an unforgettable and life changing experience.

I used the RICH RACE REALITY RESET 3 step transformation process to accelerate my dreams into a new reality where I got to consciously create what I desire and I’m still reveling in the wonder of it all. I was welcomed to Sedona as my ancestors and the ancients took care of me every step of the way.

Another reminder about allowance vs resistance showed up just last night when an old friend from high school suddenly reached out and kept asking for my phone # and address where it really felt uncomfortable. After I took a few steps back and ran some RICH Clearings around it, I realized it was my inner judges voice (not mine) that was saying, “Will Roger…Danger, Danger” or that suspicious energy of my Mother screaming “You can’t trust this stranger…what does she want from you”?

Well, after I asked some questions, I decided to trust that there must be a blessing behind this and there was. We spoke for 2 hours, caught up on old times, and she it was the most healing experience I could have ever asked for. If I would have pushed this experience away, I would have missed out on rekindling this friendship. I realized that she needed me to heal her pain and I needed her to remind me of who I am:)

So what’s the resistance you’ve been asking to break free of?

Is it loving yourself more than you’ve been told was ok or acceptable?

Is it listening to that inner voice that says GO FOR IT?

This healing retreat with Kenji Kumara created infinite space in my life to open and step through new doors and receive the gift of me again. That’s pretty priceless so …. I highly recommend this 3 day retreat with an option to hike in Boynton Canyon and experience a sacred soul journey activation with one of my favorite spiritual teachers in the world.

Kenji invites people into the quantum state of bliss, joy, tenderness, kindness, and compassion that feels like a home coming and so it is. 

If you’re still reading this article, ask your body if you need to be there and if you are part of this amazing soul family in Sedona.

Please know that being in your flow is the new normal in 2017 and beyond and that you will be fully supported once you step through the portal of magic and miracles.

Click here to get all the details and reserve your seat!

Mark the date of Feb 3-5th on your 2017 calendar and click on the link to get all the details and book now. The early bird special expires on Dec 22nd. 

2017 is the Year of the Rooster in Chinese Astrology so this is an auspicious time to embody the essence of the rooster’s courage, confidence and resourcefulness fully supported by the ancients, elders, and star beings found in the heart of Sedona!

I’m still flying high from my Joy Of Awakening Retreat with my good friend Kenji Kumara back in November (only a month ago) and am super excited to return to the red rocks, vortexes, and unconditional loving energies I felt while in Sedona!

These healing frequencies have supported my spiritual growth, expanded my healing practice, and have up-leveled my vibrational resonance to be an even greater contribution on Gaia.

The spirit of Sedona is calling you to create your own magic wherever you are on the planet!

Are you ready to claim all that you are?

I’m ready for MORE…more light, more joy, more love, and more grace!

If YOU are READY to UP-LEVEL YOUR VIBRATION and Step Into Your Personal Self-Mastery, then this Immersion event is for you too!

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