Connecting To Light Telesummit Replay


Sending a quick reminder that last week’s guests’ call recordings are still available for you to enjoy until Tuesday night.

If you missed hearing from Vandana, now’s your chance!

Accessing the Akashic Realms
With Vandana

“A-mazing” – that’s what one listener wrote in!

I agree. It was a remarkable call – all about “clearings, creatings, & reality resets” in Vandana’s words.

Vandana’s meditation was truly a journey into light. One caller said: “I went deep fast…thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Another caller worked with Vandana to clear deep-seated fear of moving forward with her calling to be a healer. After the clearing, she said “Wow, that’s really amazing. It’s intense!”

Listen to this call and learn about:

  • Opening, viewing, & transcending soul records
  • Gaining access to higher dimensional creative solutions, quantum information, & light intelligence in the akashic realms
  • Helping others understand their Divine nature and Soul Purpose
  • Adding another tool to your existing toolbox of healing modalities
  • Trusting your intuitive gifts & dormant DNA potential as a reader, guide, & mentor
  • Harmonizing your relationship with Spirit as you experience your own inner transformation through this work
  • Clearing negative blocks & soul trauma in your chakras & soul records
  • Practicing the tools of divine alchemy to create amazing shifts in your life and the lives of others
  • Transforming lives & being of service as we reunite our light as one

Access the recording here:

Click here to listen to the replay:

Vandana’s Special Offer

Accessing the Akashic Realms – Accessing Quantum Information From Higher Dimensions, Timelines, and Realities

Are you ready to access your akashic records and remember who you’ve always been?

As a divine creator and infinite being, we can visit with our teachers, masters, and loved ones, receive their guidance, and become better acquainted with who we truly are.

With these 3 packages, Vandana will align, awaken, and activate your physical, transpersonal, and ascension chakras so you can embody and express your unique soul signature, divine essence, and soul song.

Package A includes the following:

  • Accessing Your Soul’s Purpose MP3
  • Accelerated Light Healing Experience MP3
  • Amending and Re-Writing Your Soul Contract & Karmic Agreements MP3
  • Connecting With Your Soul Group, Soulmates and Soul Family MP3
  • Soul Contracts, Vows, Oaths and Agreements – 4 Class Teleseries MP3s
  • BONUS #1: Brain Clutter Detox Activation – Unplugging From The Matrix MP3
  • BONUS #2: Lady Nada Rose Ray Attunement MP3

Package B includes all of Package A, plus a Private Accelerated Akashic Reading Session with Vandana!

Package C includes the Accelerated Akashic Advisor Certification live course!

Click this link to save up to 75% on her amazing offers
just for our listeners:

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