Healing your Relationship with your Father 4 MP3 Set Sale!!! Hurry…this is a 3 day Sale!

Healing your Relationship with your Father 4 mp3 Set

Happy Fathers Day!

Greetings Accelerated Light Friends!

Have you experienced the kind of Father who just couldn’t be emotionally available for you growing up?

Is it possible that you & your Father liked & loved each other, but he left too soon?

Do you feel the relationship with your Dad has created similar dynamics with the men in your life today?

Would you like to transform those dysfunctional patterns into healthy, loving, intimate & supportive relationships with men (whether they’re your friends, siblings, sons, or lovers)?

Are you ready to let go of the blockages that are still in your field and release all the trauma you experienced with your Father in the past so you can make peace with him, the memories of him and mostly yourself?

If this all sounds & feels familiar, then you can work with your Father’s higher self in other timelines, dimensions, & parallel realities with ease & grace!

I am honored to facilitate powerful emotional clearings, expansive creations and a super charged healing activation to heal your relationship with your Father in this lifetime.

In These MP3s You Will:
• Make peace with your Father and all past interactions that were never your fault
• Raise your vibration so high that you will never be affected by anyone who carries a similar vibration that reminds you of your Father
• Release & clear emotional blocks, stories, beliefs & misunderstandings
• Embody the frequency of pure love, allowance, peace, space and grace so you can create joyful relationships with everyone you meet
• Let go of automatic triggers that push your buttons around abuse, abandonment and trauma

If you would like to heal your relationship with your father, this class series can shed light on the past & allow you to heal ancient wounds passed onto you from your biological father & divine parents who love you unconditionally for who you are.

These mp3s will also allow you to heal divine feminine & masculine wounds & retrieve your soul pieces so you can feel whole & complete to transmute past pain into profound peace.

Whether you’re Fathers & their Fathers are living or have transitioned, this relationship deserves healing & loving attention.

Meet your Father in the quantum realms to resolve unresolved emotions & set you & all your Fathers from past lives & parallel realities free!

Here’s what people had to say about Call #1:

“Vandana, this Tele-class, knocked the living daylights out of me. Today, I snailed mailed a personal letter to my dearest father expressing my deepest love and gratitude. Thank you so very much.” -Tanya A“Another amazing call! I love the healing space that you always create and the activations are just off the charts!” -Montana Vera Guillen, Spain


Finally have peace with your Father.

Receive Four 90 minute accelerated light healing class recordings which include frequency transmissions, emotional clearings, & energetic resets to heal your relationship with your Father & your ancestral paternal lineage.

The Fathers Day Sale starts today and Expires on Tuesday, June 20th.

Take 50% off this amazing mp3 series as a gift & a blessing for you & your Father!

CLICK HERE to take advantage of this amazing 4 MP3 Set Sale!

Author: White Sage Woman

Rev. Tiffany White Sage Woman, RMT, RH, INHA is a Multi Dimensional Healer, Ascension Guide, Ordained Spiritual Inter-Denominational Minister, Divine Channel, Psychic Medium and Holistic Health Practitioner. Even though she is a natural born Healer, her personal experiences, continued exploration, training and certification in multiple Healing Modalities reflects that Healing is an on going process. She is the Owner of Goldylocks Temple of Healing, llc located in Groton, CT and has clients located all over the world. Goldylocks Productions is a subdivision of Goldylocks Temple of Healing, llc. Tiffany produces Radio and TV Shows for those in the Holistic Profession.

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