6 Week Healing Package


If you love how you feel after just one accelerated light healing session,

you can now sign up for this 6 week healing package with me.

Each session is 1 hour long & includes:

1) Chakra balancing, cleansing, & alignment
2) Star Medicine Galactic Light Illuminations
3) Multidimensional Timeline Clearings, Creations, & Resets
4) Shamanic Sacred Sound Healing Journey With Drum & Rattle
5) Akashic Records, Past Lives, & Ancestral Reading Session
6) Soul Contracts, Vows, & Karmic Clearings
7) Physical, Mental, & Emotional Energy Healing

8) Self-Empowerment Soul Retrieval Transmission


This 6 week Accelerated Light Healing journey easily & effortlessly
clears your path of stress, struggle, & trauma to create ease, joy, & bliss

to embody your natural state of well-being & divine true nature.


Regular Session Fee – $200
6 Week Package – $1,000
(Includes a $200 discount for all 6 sessions)
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All sessions are offered by zoom in the comfort of your own home.

I look forward to playing with you in the quantum field of magical infinite possibilities!