Accelerated Akashic Reader Course


Become An Accelerated Light Akashic Reader 

Come Out & Play With Vandana In The Heart Of The Akashic Realms!!!!

Learn How To Access Your Own Soul Records & The Records Of Others.

Become An Akashic Reader Advisor In This 5 Week On Line Course With Vandana, The Co-Creator Of Accelerated Light Healing.

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Registration is now open to take your practice to a whole ‘nother level in 2017 & be of service on our precious planet.

Become A Certified Accelerated Light Akashic Reader, Advisor, & Soul Guide In This 5 Week Program & Create More Ease, Joy, & Bliss Wherever You Go!
The Akashic Records Contain Our Soul Truth and Quantum Information and is Available To All Who Seek this Sacred Knowledge and Divine Wisdom.
Our Vibrational Archives offer us all the information we could ever wish for about the Divine nature of the Soul, our Soul Purpose, our Divine Gifts, and our path of spiritual evolution.

Through this 5 week course, you will learn how to intuitively “read” the Akashic Records to uncover how the Soul shapes its human experience.

This program is designed for all levels of spiritual practitioners, seekers, and light workers from beginners to advanced.

You don’t have to be a professional psychic to have a positive impact on the lives of others! Anyone can open, access, and read the Akashic Records!

You can do this! You can Help people get “un-stuck” and transform lives with ease and grace!

The heart of the Akashic Records lies within your heart & in the heart of infinite consciousness!

This life changing service is needed now more than ever to awaken our full potential as divine humans and magical creators. As a soul record reader, you’re assisting the planet to raise its vibration to a higher octave of consciousness.

Become a global catalyst and accelerate spiritual growth and planetary evolution as we co-create a new reality based on loving kindness, compassion, and Universal Peace.

The Benefits Of Learning This New Skill Are:

-Learn how to open & view your own & your clients Akashic Records.

-Gain access to higher dimensional creative solutions, quantum information, & light intelligence in the akashic realms

-Help others understand their Divine nature and Soul Purpose.

-Add another tool to your existing toolbox of healing modalities.

-Trust your intuitive gifts & dormant dna potential as a reader, guide, & mentor.

-Harmonize your relationship with Spirit as you experience your own inner transformation through this work.

-Clear negative blocks & soul trauma in your chakras & soul records.

-Practice the tools of divine alchemy to create amazing shifts in your life and the lives of others.
Transform lives & be of service as we reunite our light as one.

Level 1

Learn to access and open your own soul records
Level 2
Learn to access and open the vibrational archives of others, your loved ones, and your clients. You will practice the ancient art of divination, scrying, and crystals to receive profound messages from spirit and decipher hidden codes in the akashic library.
Level 3
Learn how to clear vows, contracts, and karmic agreements in your soul records or others as well as how to clear soul level blocks based on past choices.
Level 4
Learn how to amend and re-write our soul contracts to live a conscious life and actualize our true nature, soul gifts, and highest potential in this life time.
Level 5
Receive An Accelerated Akashic Attunement From The Masters, Teachers, & Loved Ones To Realign your soul purpose with your soul destiny. This Initiation will open & expand your cosmic consciousness & multi-dimensional awareness when traveling to the quantum field of all possibilities & potentialities.
Most importantly, you will learn to relax & have fun trusting your intuition & touching the hearts & souls of others with your unique insights, wisdom, & compassion.
The Class Dates Are Held On: April 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th, & May 2nd, 2017 From 12:00 PM EST – 1:30 PM EST each week.
Private classes can be arranged for your convenience.
Tuition Fee – $888
Payment plans are available.
This is an online global course that meets weekly from the comfort of your own home. All you need is an internet connection, cell phone, or tablet to access our classes.
Each class will be recorded and delivered to your inbox within 24 hours.
An Akashic Reader Certificate Will Be Issued To Graduates Who Have Successfully Completed This 5 Week Program.
Claim your seat in the Akashic Realms by using the Paypal Button in the right column. (You may need to scroll up or down until you see the Paypal Button.)
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