Accelerated Healing Through The Akashic Records

Accelerated Light Healing Through The Akashic Records
Become An Akashic Light Energy Healer
I’m excited to offer a brand new class for anyone interested in creating an akashic energy healing practice to help people get clear on their soul purpose with ease & grace!

If you’re an intuitive reader, energy healer, or spiritual coach, & you’re willing, able, & ready to dive deeper into the heart of the akashic records, then this certification class is for you!
Here are all the details that we will explore in this 5 week online class from the comfort of home on your phone or computer.

The Class Title Is: “Accelerated Healing Through The Akashic Records”
The Dates Are: Thursdays; May 18 and 25, June 1, 8 and 15
The Time Is: 12 Noon EST-1:30 PM EST

This is a 5 Week Accelerated Advanced Akashic Healing Series.

Accelerated Akashic Energy Healing Teaches You To:

-Clear Entities & Negative Energy Patterns for yourself & others
-Release Childhood Fears From Past Lives & Parallel Realities
-Learn Ancient Prayers To Forgive Yourself & Others
-Heal Resistance & Avoidance To Manifesting Your Soul Purpose
-Call Back Lost Energies & Multi-Dimensional Mastery
-Integrate Your Unique Soul Gifts & Natural Abilities
-Re-Insert Missing Heart Pieces & Soul Fragments To Feel Whole & Complete
-Apply R.I.C.H. & R.A.C.E. Star Medicine To Heal Soul Fragmentation & Amend Your Akashic Soul Biographies
-Pull Back Your Gifts, Essence, & Divinity From All Timelines, Lifetimes, & Dimensions
-Perform Soul Healing Exchanges With Soul Mates, Groups, & Clusters
-Release Cords, Hooks, Bindings, Spells, & Energetic Implants That Won’t Allow You To Release Soul Trauma In This Incarnation

Registration Is Now Open So I’ve opened up a limited amount of priority seats to make it possible for you to attend & be of even greater service on our ascending planet!!!

The 5 Week Fee Is – $888

Once you sign up, you’ll receive all the materials you need for each class as well as a certificate of completion.

Instructions on how to join each class  via phone, web call or skype will be emailed as well.

To Reserve Your Space, click the “Buy Now” Button on the right hand side of the home page or visit Paypal.Com and send the class fee to

I’m excited to play with you in the quantum field of infinite possibilities and magical miracles!