Accelerated Light Energy Healing ~ Level 1



Greetings Shining Ones,

So many accelerated light beings are ready to come out of the “spiritual closet” to co-create a new paradigm based on unconditional love, collaboration, and unity consciousness.

Are you READY?

Would you like to add new tools, energy healing processes, and techniques to change your entire reality?

If you said YES, then come play in the quantum field of magical infinite possibilities to remember who you are and why you’re here!

Learn to master your multidimensionality so you can navigate the new earth energies as we shift into a new paradigm together with ease and grace!

The 1st step is HEALING THY SELF!!!

In this class, you will learn simple tools to activate your soul gifts and awaken your super human abilities!

Learn practical tools on how to trust your multidimensional awareness, higher visions, and intuition to align to and navigate the accelerated ascension energies with ease and grace.

The old paradigm taught us about aligned us to a GPS (Global Positioning System) that acted as a 3D compass that routed us to satellite signals outside of us. This could only take us so far. The new paradigm expands our consciousness and is based on our IGS (Intuitive Guidance System) based on the wisdom of our hearts emotional intelligence and our internal transmission signals no longer dependent on external information.

Our hearts are our cosmic compass and 5D navigation system for the new world!

Learn how to apply this quantum information to your daily life and become a certified accelerated light energy healing practitioner to not only accelerate your soul destiny but also be a wayshower for others!

This is the your invitation to spread consciousness, re-set your realities, & manifest multi-dimensional mastery in 2016 and beyond!

Come play with me in the quantum and learn how to use accelerated liquid light to:

-Illuminate Your New Ascension Chakras
-Use the trinity breath for grounding & connecting from your sacred heart space
-Connect with infinite intelligence
-Create higher solutions to your earthly problems
-Channel divine downloads from masters, saints, & rishis
-Align with the great central sun & billions of galaxies beyond our human understanding
-Release Karmic Miasmic Imprints
-Claim your sovereingty as an divine human
-Unlock physical, mental, & emotional stuck points & blocks
-Activate your diamond light bodies
-Detach from your pain bodies
-Clear out false beliefs & past conditioning in less than 10 seconds
-Heal your family trauma & ancestral trauma
-Ask empowering questions to create higher outcomes
-Trust your intuition
-Raise your vibrational frequency to attract what you desire
-Re-parent your inner child
-Receive an accelerated light healing attunement

You will also learn 3 hands on healing processes to use on yourself and others!

This livestreamed class is scheduled on:
Sunday, October 23, 2016
12pm-4pm Eastern Standard Time
Class Fee Includes Your Certificate Of Completion
Tuition: $199
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Once you’re registered, you’ll receive the you tube live link to join this class from the comfort of your home or office.

You’ll also receive a pdf version of the class to refer to during or after class.

Thank you for your contribution in co-creating a MAGICAL and LIFE CHANGING Class Experience!

Accelerated Light Blessings,
Vandana Atara Aura