Accelerated Light Energy Healing ~ Level 2 Practical Tools To Navigate The New Earth Energies


Accelerated Light Healing ~ Level 2 ~ Practical Tools To Navigate The New Earth Energies

Greetings Star Brothers and Sistars!

So many light weavers are ready to come out of the “spiritual closet” and co-create a new paradigm based on unconditional love, collaboration, and unity consciousness.

Are you one of the 144,000 ready to be of service as we ascend into divine union and oneness?

If you feel this is TRUE for YOU, then please welcome HOME!

Whether you’ve just taken the 1st step to turn the knob, open a new door, or step through a newly discovered portal of possibility, it’s all divine & congratulations for your WILLINGNESS to travel into the unknown & create a magical life!

This class takes you even deeper into the excitement of the unknown on a inter-dimensional journey to reveal the essence of your divinity in human form.

If you’ve taken Accelerated Light Healing Level 1, Intuitive Counseling, or my weekly online classes, this invitation is for you to apply these new tools, energy healing processes, & accelerated ascension tools to change your entire reality faster & easier than you’ve ever believed or were told was even possible!

Finally, here’s your golden opportunity to manifest your highest visions, fantastical dreams, & hearts desires & I’m honored to be your guide & “SHOW YOU THE WAY”

If you said YES, then come play in the quantum field of magical infinite possibilities to remember who you are & why you’re here!

Learn to master your multi-dimensionality so you can navigate the new earth energies as we shift into a new paradigm together with ease & grace!

Our time together will provide instant access to practice on each other as well as receiving healing activations, clearings, & creations from me.

This is your second chance to create new beginnings as you let go of the past & manifest self-mastery again in this lifetime.

You will learn how to play with and access accelerated liquid light to:

-Illuminate Your New Ascension Chakras

-Use the trinity breath for grounding & connecting from your sacred heart space

-Release Karmic Miasmic Imprints

-Unlock physical, mental, & emotional stuck points & blocks

-Activate your diamond light bodies

-Detach from your pain bodies

-Clear out false beliefs & past conditioning in less than 10 seconds

-Heal your family trauma & ancestral trauma

-Ask empowering questions to create higher outcomes

-Trust your intuition

-Raise your vibrational frequency to attract what you desire

-Re-parent your inner child

-Receive an accelerated light healing attunement

You’ll also receive a inter-dimensional soul retrieval activation to merge to feel whole, complete, & connected as an omnipotent & sovereign master of all realities!

We’ll also enjoy a Kadoish Meditation for head/heart coherence & to polish our diamond light bodies on a cellular level from the inside out.

This class is scheduled on:

Saturday, November 19th 2016

11 am to 3 pm ET

Class Fee Includes Your Certificate of Completion

Tuition – $300

Register Before 11/1 and receive a $50 Discount

To register: While on the  website, click the “Buy Now” button with Paypal on the right hand side of the page, scroll up or down to locate the Paypal button. After you click on the Paypal button, enter the amount of the Class then proceed with the Check Out and Sign Up process.

Once you’re registered, you’ll receive instructions on how to join the class from the comfort of your home or office, as well as receive the pdf version of the class materials. We’ll be using Skype to connect. Please ensure your webcam and microphone are working properly before we meet.

Thank you for your contribution to our class experience!

Accelerated Light Blessings,

Vandana Atara Aura

Creator Of Vandana Light Healing