Access Bars



Access Bars was introduced over 20 years ago.The Bars is about letting go and releasing heavy and dense electrically charged thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, ideas, stories, and attitudes from your head where it is stored for lifetimes. Once these electromagnetic energies are dissipated, you can consciously create your life without re-creating any drama or trauma from the past. This is an energy transformation system that can change your life by deleting all programs that have kept you stuck and get you unstuck and free. It assists in opening ones energy flows so we can fully receive. It involves lightly and gently touching 32 points on the head. The Bars doesn’t involve touch on the body. If you’re stuck in the head all the time (who isn’t?) this might be the perfect system to change your life with total ease.

Come get your bars run and release thousands of years of stress, struggle, and trauma from your busy brain. Experience a gentle and light healing touch to release overwhelm, intensity, and over-stimulation stored in your head so you can live in your heart and just be space. This session is highly recommended if you experience chronic headaches, migraines, insomnia, or who desire to clear fear, stress, anxiety, and mental disturbances.


$200 for 45 minutes,  $250 for 60 minutes,  $300 for 75 minutes