Akashic Soul Guidance Readings


Visit your Akashic Records to access and live your highest soul purpose. This soul guidance reading will shed light on your known and unknown gifts, talents, and abilities so you can fulfill your infinite potential faster and easier than you’ve ever been told. Vandana channels the Divine Wisdom and loving compassion of your masters, teachers, and loved ones to guide you on your soul journey.

The Akashic Records contain your soul truth and quantum information that’s always available to all spiritual seekers.This sacred session invites you to take a sacred journey to merge with your Divine essence from a higher perspective.

Receive divine guidance, clarity, and direction on your life path and soul mission that surpasses all human understanding. Vandana accesses your book of life to reveal your true nature, soul gifts, ancestral patterns, and multi-dimensional timelines to help you remember who you are. You’ll be connected to your Akashic Record keepers, guides, and guardians and be blessed with an opportunity to access your soul biographies and update them based on who you truly are.

The benefits are being able to break free of limiting programs and false beliefs that keep you stuck and are no longer true for you. You will visit the past, future, and parallel realities and choose the most beneficial timeline to merge with that will allow you to reach and exceed your peak potential as a divine creator and sovereign being.

$200 for 45 minutes,  $250 for 60 minutes,  $300 for 75 minutes