Updated Class: Intuitive Counseling ~ Level 1 with Vandana.


Join Vandana for a Free Intro to Intuitive Counseling on August 1st!


Are you ready to step up and be of service at this time of accelerated ascension?

Do you just know and feel that your psychic abilities and spot on intuition can serve others in a whole new way?

By now, you’ve probably explored just about every form of therapy, coaching and energy healing modality and are finally ready for something new, empowering, practical that can shift unconscious imprinting & conditioning into conscious transformation and self-mastery.

Accelerated Intuitive Counseling invites you & your clients to experience the accelerated healing, spiritual growth, & personal transformation at this time of personal & planetary awakening to awaken your dormant gifts & super human abilities to manifest blessings, magic, & miracles!

These multidimensional tools, processes, and light code commands can shift your awareness in magical ways that can show up easier, faster, and greater than ever before.

This heart centered healing practice will allow you and your friends, family, and clients to instantly unravel past programs, false beliefs and inherited imprinting on a cellular level!

You will learn the perfect questions to ask your clients to clear obstacles, blocks, and stuck points to accelerate the greatest transformation with ease and grace.

If this limiting reality isn’t serving your highest good, then come play in the expansive field of Infinite Possibilities, Get UNSTUCK, and add Intuitive Counseling to your healing toolkit!

This certification class teaches you higher dimensional quantum healing processes to connect with your higher self, divine guidance, angels, and ascended beings to enhance your psychic abilities and trust your intuition at all times moment to moment.

The processes are fun, easy to learn, and you can use them on yourself, your friends and family, and your clients as a completely different method of empowering and inspiring the entire planet!

You’ll also learn life changing tips on how to make others feel more open, relaxed, and comfortable in your presence so you can help them even faster and easier than you ever dreamed possible.

Learn how to guide a sacred journey and guided meditation to get people in the zone to reduce stress, anxiety, and an overstimulated mind.

In this accelerated light healing class, you will:

– Learn how to Clear Out Limiting Beliefs in less than 10 seconds

– Learn how to Stop the Negative Self-talk

– Learn how to Release Stuck Painful Emotions Instantly

– Learn how to Release Trauma from the body energetically

– Learn how to Uncover the Root Causes of Problems in yourself and others so they can be healed

– Learn how to Create What it is You Desire in This Life, Easily

Vandana will facilitate an Accelerated Light Healing Activation that will:

– Show You How to Create Sacred Space Energetically (effortlessly)

– Allow You to Activate the Accelerated Light Healing Energies in Your Healing Life which Enhances Your Sessions Greatly

– Experience what is is Like to Be One with Infinite Consciousness

– Raise Your Vibration to an Entirely New Level Beyond anything you’ve experienced in this lifetime

-Empower your soul destiny & divine original blueprint

When you sign up, you’ll receive a class manual detailing how to use the Accelerated Light Healing Intuitive Counseling tools.

After this class you will be a certified Accelerated Light Healing Intuitive Counselor and you can start a practice…and if you’re interested also hold group events right away!

Does this sound exciting to you? If so…come play in the quantum
and RESET your entire REALITY!!!


FREE Intro Class – August 1st

Class Dates: August 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th

Class Times: 12 Noon – 2 PM EST

Class Meetings Will Be Held On Zoom & Instant Teleseminar

Join By Phone, Skype Or Computer

Each class is recorded so if you miss a live class, you will still receive the replay so you won’t miss a thing!


Intuitive Counseling Level 1 Fee – $600, Payment Options Available

To Enroll in this Class, Sign up HERE

Saturday Soul Sessions with Vandana Atara Aura

Saturday Soul Sessions

Greetings Accelerated Light Soul Family,

Welcome To Saturday Soul Sessions!

If you require a super charged energy boost, please join me in the quantum realms for a deep but pleasurable letting go, light bath & frequency reset!

If You’re All In, Come PLAY & Never give up on YOU!!!

In order to claim our soul soverignty, we must make peace with the past & our invisible roots!

In order to resolve un-resolved ancestral trauma, we can choose to be the ones to forgive & release ourselves & our lineage from hurtful & harmful patterns & family dynamics AND When we do, we can all get FREE together no longer needing to dupliate our family patterns ever again!

Receive powerful group processes to release & heal:
-Ancestral Core Wounds
-Persecution & Victimhood Vows
– Negative Karmic Imprinting
-Family Loyalty Vows
-Cellular Memories
-Family Soul Trauma

You can participate live or just listen & receive remote healing later!

Join our weekly group clearing calls to R.I.C.H. (Release, Integrate, Clear, Harmonize) your ascension symptoms to ascend with ease & grace no matter how intense the waves stream upon us, we’re stronger together & we cannot fall!

Vandana & her accelerated light healing guides make it easier to navigate the new 5D earth harmonics from a quantum perspective!

Each week you will receive group clearings to support your unfolding & unlock density & debris you’ve been holding for you & your ancestors for far too long!!!

Your soul longs to be free to experience & know itself & to remember who you are & why you’re here.

You will receive Accelerated Light Activations & Star Tranmissions to energize your chakras, nadis & meridians & return to your natural state of wholeness & well-being in all timelines & dimensions.

Allow yourself to cosmically clear all layers & levels of soul trauma for you & your ancestors to create infinite space for your multi-dimensional ascension mastery to merge & align with the divine.

Each call features a Soul Empowerment Transmission so you can more easily take the next steps to be of greater service & contribute your soul gifts without waiting to be given permission to come out of the “spiritual closet”& come out of hiding your beauty, wisdom, & value.



June 3rd – Ancestral Healing


June 10th Class – Abundance Attunements


June 17th – Attracting Your Divine Complement


June 24th – Empowerment Transmissions


July 1st – Living Authentically From The Heart

Time: 12 Noon – 1:00 PM EST
Purchase Per Class – $33

Purchase The Entire 5 Week Class Series – $165

Reserve your seat by clicking the buy now button on the home page of my website to receive the call in details to participate live or just sign up to receive the weekly replays.

Bring those issues in your tissues to clear the fear, burn ancestral karma, & reclaim your powers to:

– Do what you came here to do

– Be all that you already are

– Become the natural born leader, advisor, guide, channel, & teacher you’ve ready to become

– Share your unique gifts & true nature with all of humanity

– Feel safe & supported on the ascending new earth paradigm

– Trust you belong here

– Love yourself free of past stress, struggle & trauma

– Claim your JOY

– Activate & Awaken your natural gifts & super human abilities to heal yourself & others

– Be embody peace amidst the chaos & uncertainty

Vandana will run powerful R.I.C.H. Clearings, R.A.C.E. Creations, & Reality Resets To Heal:

– Chronic Stress

– Guilt & Unworthiness Programs

– Unresolved Stress, Struggle & Trauma

– Physical & Emotional Pain

– Energetic Blockages

– Family Duplication Patterns

– Heart Walls, Cords, & Implants

– Karmic Ancestral Imprinting

– Cellular Trauma

Vandana’s Accelerated Light Soul Codes & Commands align you with source intelligence, quantum information & creative solutions in all timelines, lifetimes & dimensions at accelerated speed!

This intergalactic light empowers you to release limiting beliefs & stuck points so you can easily & effortlessly receive infinite & ongoing blessings, synchronicities, & miracles as if by magic!

Some of the major areas you may see shifting at accelerated speed are:

– Your love life

– Your business

– Your joy based creations

– Your soul purpose

– Your money flows

– Family Relationships

-Physical Health & Well-Being

-Vibrancy & Vitality

Once you sign up, your guardian angels, higher soul selves & infinite source will begin to re-orchestrate all the details of your reality so you can align with the divine & merge with all the versions of you that contain the recipe to live a fun, rewarding, & phenomenal life.

You can chat in your personal clearing requests before each call & Vandana will create a customized clearing command just for you!

Each personal clearing will be channeled & transmitted to the entire group so everyone receives exactly what they need.

The more people present on the calls, the more powerful the energies can shift as we hold the space together for the ultimate healing benefits for all.

These weekly calls invite your to step up, show up, speak your truth, & be all that you were born to be!

Join our accelerated light group clearing sessions if you’re finally ready to create meaningful & lasting change on the new earth!

See you on our Weekly Saturday Soul Healing Sessions!