Claiming Your Creative Gifts and Owning Your Magical Powers Class


Claiming Your Creative Gifts & Owning Your Magical Powers
Date: Tuesday, September 27th
Time: 7 – 8 pm ET

Cost ~ $33

Join Vandana to take back your powers to vibrationally attract & manifest the life of your dreams faster, easier, & better than you ever imagined possible!Experience an inter-dimensional soul retrieval journey to reprint your divine DNA blueprint & activate your highest soul potential in this timeline.

Release past conditioning, emotional debris, & limiting programs that live on in your cells & dna so you can have the space to create something new, better, & authentically you!

Your souls power pieces will be returned & welcomed home so you can be a vibrational match to everything you dream of, envision, & desire!

Once your original soulprint is restored, the parts of you that you’ve given or were taken away will return & you’ll be unstoppable in every area of your life!

Come play in the quantum field of all that is & all you are worthy of receiving!

On this call, you’ll experience:
 -A simple yet practical 3 step transformational system to change anything & everything that’s not serving your highest good.
-Mantras of power to transmute negative programs into life affirming blessings.
-Visualization exercises to reawaken your true path & soul destiny.

-A guided journey through the portals of healing, finding, & facing your higher self.Vandana will invoke the divine assistance of the Egyptian Lioness Goddess Sekhmet to attune you to her fierce & fearless healing powers.

Sekhmet  (“She Who Is Powerful”) will help you to speak your truth & embody your royal lineage & sovereignty as a divine creator & authority of your own life.

Claim Your Core Powers & High Magick Here!

Once registered, you’ll receive the call in details to join the live call from your phone, computer, or tablet. If you miss the live call, you’ll still receive the replay to download & listen to.

Cost ~ $33
This is an one hour class.
Participate via instant teleseminar by phone, skype or weblast. The details will be emailed to you once you Sign Up.
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