Dream Work in Action Weekend Workshop



The Hudson Valley Psychodrama Institute Presents

Dec 3-4, 2016
Highland, NY

Attention Energy Healers, Reiki Masters, Coaches, Counselors, and Therapists! Join Us For Life Changing Workshop In Psycho Drama.
Add tools to your toolbox of healing modalities and come play!

Dreams connect us to deeper levels of consciousness and show us what is going on beneath the surface of everyday consciousness. They give us access to another dimension of consciousness where new possibilities open up. In dreaming we are not bound by physical laws, like the law of gravity, and we are free to explore new ways of being in life. We can learn how to enter dream space by enacting our dreams and extending them in the here and now, creating new endings to unfinished dreams or nightmares.

December 3-4, 2016
Location: Highland, NY
(overnight accommodations are available)
Trainer: Ingrid Schirrholz,Dipl.-Psych., MA, TEP

Learn more and register at:

Tuition Fees Are $250 Before November 18th & $295 After.

Contact me if you live in Brooklyn or NYC if you’re interested in car pooling or traveling to Highland, NY by bus.

In including dreams in therapy and counseling we can view the bigger picture and harness the power of imagination to develop new perspectives. Looking at dreams helps to identify goals, look at obstacles that keeps clients stuck, and develop new and creative strategies to realize their goals. Becoming familiar with exploring their dreams helps clients to tap into new and previously unused resources.

Psychodrama helps us to decipher the language of the unconscious through putting dream imagery into action. Bringing each dream character to life, giving them a voice and allowing them to interact, provides a unique way of tuning into the meaning of the dream. This process empowers the client to discover their own meaning, rather than having their dream interpreted by the therapist.

– to build group cohesion around the topic of dreams
– to warm up a group to work with dreams
– to transition from everyday consciousness to dream consciousness and vice versa
– to create dreamspace
– to concretize dream images
– to maximize significant elements of dreams and their underlying feelings.

$250 if registration and fee are paid by November 18th.
$295 after.

Are Continuing Education Hours Available for this workshop? NYS Social Workers: In collaboration with the Sociometric Institute, Inc. this course provides 13 hours of continuing education. Contact HVPI for more information.

This course has been approved by Hudson Valley Psychodrama, LLC, as a NAADAC Approved Education Provider, for 13CE. NAADAC Provider #151898, Hudson Valley Psychodrama, LLC is responsible for all aspects of their programming.

This workshop offers 13 training hours towards certification by the American board of Examiners in Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy.

If you have further questions or would like travel directions, contact Rebecca Or Ingrid at (845) 255-7502 or send an email to hvpi@hvpi.net