Freeing Ourselves From The Lies & Limitation Of Human Living

Meant To Be Or Not Meant To Be? That Is The Question!

This class invites you to break free of past conditioning & live from the space of neutrality & non-judgement…our natural state of being when thoughts & beliefs do not exist!

Our human minds love to make meaning & significance out of every life event as if things are black and white, right or wrong, good or bad when they are not one or the other but both!

When we’re unaware, our minds run rampant & either re-create the past  & project the same results into future outcomes 80% of the time… but we can transform that limiting pattern & choose to live as conscious creators all the time!

Imagine if you didn’t have a default program running your life & you can use your IGS (Intuitive Guidance System) as your new operating system of multi-dimensional awareness!

In fact, we can choose something completely different than we’ve allowed into our lives in the past & create amazing & fulfilling lives! It’s always up to us!

You can re-program your higher mind & discharge negative thoughts & false beliefs stored in our reptilian imprinted brain that create a looping system based on lies!

You can get un-stuck & un-lock unconscious programming freeing our enslaved minds of meant to be or not meant to be false belief systems that do not allow us to grow, evolve, & expand!

Living a conscious life overrides unnecessary pain, frustration, & hopelessness so you can see life from a quantum broader perspective as an infinite & limitless being!!!!
Here’s some examples of APS (Automatic Programs) that may have popped up for you to become aware of.

Do these sound familiar?
1) I didn’t get that promotion I deserved. Oh well, not meant to be I guess. It must be my fault. I’m to blame. Nothing ever works out for me.

2) I haven’t met the love of my life yet & it’s been 10 years of trying…that must mean I never will fall in love or be lucky in love. I’m a victim of being unlucky in love.

3) I’m trying to set up an appointment to get a massage but the person recommended is booked for 2 months & I need it NOW. This always happens to me.

4) I’d love to go back to school & get my degree, but there are so many obstacles & interferences, so I guess it’s not meant to be so I’ll just give up now & judge the heck out of my life…

Do any of these scenarios feel light & expansive or do they feel heavy, dense, & contracted?

If you’re done with these habitual ways of being & seeing the world, now is the time to learn new quantum tools to empower you to move beyond limitation into liberation.

Accelerated Light Healing to the rescue!!!! This has gotta change NOW!
On this call, Vandana will run powerful codes & commands that will:

-Uninstall corruption codes & install multidimensional Light Codes

-Release toxic emotions store in your chakras, nadis, & meridians

-Cleanse cellular memories of stress, struggle, & trauma

-Discharge intensity, overwhelm, & over stimulation from your reptilian brain

-Awaken your natural intelligence & cosmic consciousness
-Harmonize your higher brain to align with your higher heart

-Strengthen & Energize your mind, heart, & will centers

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Receive a Heart Light Transmission & Emotional Clearings From Vandana & The Cosmic Heart Of Divine Mother!

Activate & awaken your support, survival, & safety centers to uplevel your vibrational frequency & align with the 5D crystalline ascension energies in a whole new way!

Join this call & receive creation blessings to attract magical possibilities with the loving & compassionate assistance of the Accelerated Light Masters, Teachers, & Loved ones.

Visit your soul sanctuary to restore & rejuvenate as you receive heavenly blessings of manna miracles & sweet nectar infusions to heal & fill your joy centers with RADIANT BLISS!

Reset your entire reality & DO what you came here to BE!!!

If not now, then when?

Thank you for your courage & willingness to shine your light & claim your JOY!!!

You are LOVED beyond Compare!
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Join Vandana on Monday, March 6th & March 13th @ 4 pm ET-5 PM ET.

This 2 part class fee is $88