Giving Birth To New Beginnings On The New Earth

Giving Birth to New Beginnings on the New Earth


Happy Spring Equinox!!!

This is the perfect season to give birth, plant seeds & expand our horizons fully supported by our earth Mother Goddess Gaia!

It’s an exciting time to connect with nature & our miraculous body temples to create what we dream of, envision, & desire as we merge with the heart & womb of the goddesses of fertility.

We all deserve to multiply & amplify infinite abundance, prosperity, & blessings just by being alive & yet sometimes our birthing process doesn’t come in our time but rather in Goddess time.

On this sacred healing journey, Vandana will be invoking the divine presence of the Matrikas, “Little Mothers Of The World” to honor & encourage the “fierce feminine” in action & to help us birth new realities & new beginnings.

Vandana will be channeling the sacred presence of unconditional Love from Divine Mother & the Goddesses Of Creation, Pro-Creation, Love, Fertility, Pregnancy, Beauty & Birth to allow us to create miracles on the new earth.

Come bathe in these Shakti filled healing waters filled with liquid ambrosia & sweet nectar to remember what it feels like to be held & carressed by the divine.

Vandana will run powerful clearings, creations, & resets to cleanse, clear, & purify your birthing, joy, sexuality, & creativity chakras & to heal your divine feminine & masculine sacred wounds.

Join this call if you’re experiencing challenges, blocks, or stress around giving birth to new life forms, trying to conceive a child, or creating a new job, career, or relationship.

I look forward to helping you spring ahead & create infinite abundance, joy, peace, & ease fully supported, guided, & held in the heart & womb of Pachamama.

Join Vandana in the Quantum field Of Miracles On
Monday, April 10th @ 7 pm- 8 pm Eastern Time

Class Fee – $44 (Includes The Healing Recording Replay)

Reserve your seat by clicking the pay now button on the home page on the right side of the page & you’ll receive the call in details to connect to the live call & receive the replay.

I look forward to playing with you!