Healing Your Atlantean, Leumerian, & Sirian Lifetimes Class


Healing Your Atlantean, Leumerian, & Sirian Lifetimes


Dates: Oct 4, 11, 18, 2016
Times: 7-8:30 pm Eastern Time
Cost ~ $40 per class or 3 Week Series  $111

Teleport to your past lives and receive ancestral healing, divine wisdom, and soul guidance from your Atlantean, Leumerian, and Sirian star lineage!Re-visit and Re-remember the gifts you left behind from past lives, and galactic timelines so you can manifest your magickal multidimensional mastery again on the earth plane.

To guide you into choosing this class for the highest outcome, please answer these questions.

1)Do you miss your soul families and star tribes from your home planet?

2)Does it feel alienating and foreign being a member of the human race?

3)Do you wish you  could feel like there wasn’t a mistake and you are supposed to be here for a higher purpose?

If you answered yes, then please read on and join our sacred reunion to teleport to the stars, ancient civilizations, and your original home planet to meet the first family you ever had.

This 3 week class may trigger ancient memories  or unlock and activate dormant DNA gifts of lifetimes in Atlantis, Leumeria, and Sirius.

It may also help you to release and clear ancient burdens, guilt, or shame that hold you back from expressing your infinite potential in fear of misusing your abilities in this lifetime.

Vandana will facilitate powerful healing activations, liquid light transmissions, and inter-dimensional soul retrieval processes to spark your ancestral gifts and claim your powers to manifest your dreams, visions, and desires with ease and grace.

Week 1 – Entering The Temple Of The Sun – This transmission will connect you to the power of Atlantis to enhance your creative powers and activate your light body.

Week 2 – Entering The Temple Of The Moon – This transmission will reactivate your Leumerian powers to lucid dream and trust your intuition again in this timeline.

Week 3 – Entering The Temple Of The Stars – This transmission will re-awaken your ability to feel safe and supported shining your light and revealing your healing gifts and abilities in this lifetime.

Receive solar light codes, healing symbols, power mantras, and divine blessings from the ancients, the shining ones, and the benevolent beings of accelerated light.
Receive planetary healing from your higher self, oversoul, I am presence, your soul councils, and your  enlightened and compassionate guardian ancestors!
Enjoy the journey and trust your psychic gifts to create a magickal life!

Once you register, you’ll receive the call in details on how you can access each class by phone, computer, or on your tablet. If you miss each call, you’ll still receive the replay that you can download and listen to again and receive deeper layers of healing and transformation each time you listen.


Cost ~ $40 per class or 3 Week Series  $111
Please pay via the Paypal Button on the top right.
Enter the amount, either $40 for one class (repeat this process for 3 weeks) or $111 for all three classes, up front.