Intuitive Counseling Program ~ Level 2

Intuitive Counseling Program – Level 2
Monday, April 17th, 2017

Become An Accelerated Light Intuitive Counselor!

Thank you for being of SERVICE & playing with the new energies here on the 5D Crystalline Earth!

Do you have amazing psychic gifts & intuitive abilities that you’re not using?

Would you like to come out of hiding, awaken higher consciousness & offer your healing abilities with others?

If this feels light & expansive, then I am happy to facilitate
this Intuitive Counseling 4 Week Program to take your healing practice to the next level.

I am happy to facilitate this Intuitive Counseling Class to take your coaching, counseling, or healing practice to the next level of infinite consciousness & make a difference on this planet!

Intuitive Counseling liberates you & your clients from past life pain, parallel looping realities & childhood conditioning that keep us stuck in the matrix of illusion, confusion & old stories that never belonged to us.

This system of HEART healing connects you & your client in the quantum field that allows your clients to feel safe & seen so they can freely express buried feelings & unresolved emotions.

As an Accelerated Light Intuitive Counselor, you can empower your clients to release past/future mind programs, limiting beliefs &unravel old patterns, habits, & addictions that no longer serve us.

To Deepen your existing healing or coaching practice, you can become an Intuitive Counselor & Soul Guide so you can add multi-dimensional tools to your existing toolbox of healing services to transform the lives of others at accelerated speed!

When you join this 4 week class, you will learn:

-Empowering questions to ask your clients to trust & honor your intuitive gifts
-Light Sourcing processes to uplevel your clients vibrational frequency
-Expansion tools to actualize your clients dreams, desires, & visions
-Clear & Cancel Non-Beneficial Soul Contracts, Vows, & Karmic Imprinting
-Transmute Ancestrally & Genetically Inherited Physical Pain, Dis-Ease, & Dis-Harmony Into Peace, Ease, & Harmony
-Re-Parent, Bond With & Merge With Your Clients Inner Child
-Instantly Reduce & Eliminate Stress, Struggle, & Trauma From The Collective
-Learn & Practice Using Accelerated Light Hands On Body Processes
-Manifest what your clients desire faster & easier!

Each class includes ample practice time to gain confidence & experience integrating the light accelerator tools to clear, create, & reset your vibrational frequency to one of ease & grace on the new earth harmonic template.

You’ll receive a level 2 manual and pdf handouts to expand your practice, attract the ideal clientele, and be of greater service in the world.

This 4 week class happens on:
Dates: April 17th, 24th, 31st, & May 7th
Time: 12 Noon EST – 2 PM EST

Tuition Fee – $500

An Intuitive Counselor Certificate is included in the tuition fee.

Registration is now open! To sign up, visit the home page on the right side of the page and click the “buy now” button to reserve your seat or visit and send to

If you have additional questions, please use the Contact Us form and I will
return all questions promptly.

I’m excited to see you there!