Spiritual Retreats Of The Healing Masters

Spiritual Retreats of the Healing Masters

Have you ever wondered what it would look like, be like, & feel like to travel to exotic destinations, power portals, vast vortexes, mountain peaks, & amazonian jungles but thought you couldn’t?

What if you could & it didn’t have to cost you time, money, or even leaving the comfort of home?

You’re invited to visit etheric cities, spiritual retreats & temples of illumination to receive powerful & sacred healing. Meet your spirit guides & medical healing team in the higher dimensions where you can receive accelerated healing, holy blessings & divine intervention.

Taking a spiritual retreat allows you to soul travel & take a well deserved break from density & duality to experience higher octaves of cosmic consciousness in the quantum realms of interdimensional light.

If you’re feeling stuck, alone, confused, exhausted or unsure of who you are or why you’re here, join Vandana on this sacred guided journey to call back your life force energy & cultivate more strength, clarity & inspiration than ever before!

You’ll receive weekly chakra clearings to heal and release:

-Energetic Power Leaks
-Karmic Imprinting
-Mucous, Clouds, & Misams
-Cords, Hooks, & Attachments
-Ancestrally Inherited Trauma

The ancients, angels, & your ancestors invite you to experience a healing transmission to awaken your chakras, regenerate your cells & DNA, & activate your galactic original DNA Blueprint of perfection.

Your phsyical chakras will be brought back on line to embody infinite peace, space, & grace!

Each sacred journey will attune your chakras to a higher vibrational resonance found in different parts of the world, different dimensions, & different timelines that can accelerate your spiritual growth & personal evolution.

These Weekly Transmissions Include:

Crown Chakra Transmission – Restores Divine Wisdom & Ancient Knowledge
3rd, 4th, 5th Eye Transmission – Restores Divine Visions, Intuition, & Clear Sight
Throat Chakra Transmission – Restores Divine Power, Faith, Will, & Clear Communication
Heart Chakra Transmission – Restores Divine Love, Compassion, & Creativity
Solar Plexus Transmission – Restores Divine Power, Peace, & Strength
Sacral Chakra Transmission – Restores Divine Creativity, Passion, & Purpose
Root Chakra Transmission – Restores Divine Connection, Support, & Abundance

*You’ll also receive healing blessings in your five secret ray chakras in our hands, feet, and over the spleen*

Visit Magical Vortexes, Etheric Cities, & Spiritual Retreats From The Elohim & Archangels. Join Vandana on a different sacred journey into the quantum field of all that is.

You’re invited to receive blessings from:

April 6 – Cathedral Of Nature
April 13 – Temple Of The Sun
April 20 – Temple Of Good Will, Faith & Protection
April 27 – Temple Of Truth
May 4 – Retreat Of Peace & Aloha
May 11 – Temple Of Ascension
May 18 – Cave Of Symbols

Journey to Beautiful, Peaceful, & Holy High frequency Retreats For Inspiration, Healing, & Divine Downloads & Learn From Ascended Beings, Rishis, & Avatars How To Master Any Reality You Choose!

Your Guided Tour Includes:

-Temple Of Comfort In Sri Lanka
-Resurrection Temple In The Holy Land
-Rose Temple In New Bedford
-Ascension Temple In Luxor, Egypt
-Cathedral Of Nature In Kashmir
-Cave Of Light In The Himalayas
-Sacred Retreat Of The Blue Flame In Fiji

I can’t wait to take you there!

Claim your seat on the home page by clicking on the buy now button on the right side of the page to access the etheric cities of light!

Once you sign up, you’ll receive the instructions on how to join the conference line or just lie back & listen to each week’s replay session at your own pace in your heart space!

Visit A Different Spiritual Retreat Every Week For The Ultimate Healing Experience Starting On Thursday, April 6th-Thursday, May 18th, 2017

Times: 3 pm-4 pm ET

Each activation is recorded so if you can’t join any of the live classes, you will receive the replay sent to your inbox weekly.

Individual Class Fee – $35

7 Class Weekly Fee – $195

See you in the quantum field of magical & mystical miracles!