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Dear Beautiful Being of Light,

When I’m invited to communities to share my gifts, I often tap into the energy and ask about ‘the true contribution’ it will offer you.

So, when Jeneth from Real Raw YOU asked me to speak to her audience, I tapped into the energy and felt in my heart a resounding, YES! (in a hurry, register now)

When you choose things you know are true for you, your heart opens and your world changes for the better — and in this case that’s very true.

Real Raw YOU | Synergy Sessions is filled with oneness, ascension, vibrancy and living on this planet in harmony with all things.

Sessions are led by world-renowned energy healers, conscious visionaries and wellness teachers from all over the world … including me.

There are some very potent leaders who will also be speaking, and we all dished super awesome energetic activations.

So if you’re feeling a little down, slow, stuck, or just need a good kick in the butt, I invite you to come give us a listen.

Sessions meet each Monday, Wednesday and sometimes Fridays through 2017.

Will you join us?

Register Here

Accelerated Light Blessings,

Vandana Atara Aura

Creator Of Vandana Light Healing

P.S. Please take action now and make sure you join me on May 10th at 8 pm ET / 5 pm PT!  This will be a profound session for you. 

All you need to do is register for free here.





Here is the interview by Michael Tibbetts from his Telesummit Become a Happy Family in 21 Days.



Do you have a passion that you want to put out in the world, but there’s something stopping you?

Feeling a pull to do something impactful and have no idea how to get started?

Are you a healer, change-maker, conscious entrepreneur, and you want to share this with the world, but you keep getting trapped on the hamster wheel, spinning round and round with no clear path forward?

Do you have a mission in your heart, a purpose in your soul and a light within you ready to shine?


Your unique gifts and experiences are vital and the world is in dire need of them…right NOW!  That’s exactly why the Make Your Impact Global Summit was created. This platform was designed to help heart-centered, conscious entrepreneurs like yourself make a big difference in people’s lives and have a greater impact in the world.

There’s only so much of you to go around, and if you are stuck on the next steps to build bigger and to translate your message into something massive to reach even more people then you don’t want to miss this event!

This is a unique summit, with thought-provoking conversations from a collection of speakers you don’t see every day. Producer and host Danielle Fitzpatrick Clark really puts us on the spot with authentic and motivational conversations, so that we can get down to the very heart of what making an impact takes.

You’ll have the opportunity to grow every day and every interview will leave you wanting more!

Already in? Click here to sign up NOW

Want to learn more on…

  1. How to be authentic in the work that you do and make money doing it!
  2. How to get your mindset right so that you can show up in the world in a powerful, thought-provoking way that draws your ideal clients to you.
  3. Different types of platforms to utilize to get the word out there about your mission.
  4. How to be more visible to spread your message and create a life of abundance.
  5. Some of the fastest, most effective ways to get in front of your ideal prospects.
  6. How to be productive and consistent so you get more done.
  7. Ways to avoid the detrimental “shiny object syndrome” so that you can stay on your path to greatness.
  8. And so much more!Ready to, “Be the change you wish to see in the world…”? 30+ expert panelist and I are here to help deliver you access to just that.It starts with you! And this online event is just one step in the direction to making an impact.

    We start March 2!

    Ready to make an impact? Sign up here!

Is it time for you to be prosperous?
Are you willing to be prosperous and truly be more than who you think you are?
Would you like to truly connect within and co-create with Spirit this year to live your prosperous life?
Do you ever wonder why you keep dealing with the same problems over and over, year after year?
Do you wish you could move past your issues, blocks, and limitations that have been holding you back?
Are you ready to be prosperous, live in prosperity, and create your future now?
If you answered yes to any of those questions, then I invite you to join me on Season 12 of Awaken To Happiness Now! Our host,  Alara Canfield, is truly authentic and caring. She holds a warm, accepting and unconditional space for her guests and her community. I have been asked to join her and her guests and community this season as we talk about and experience what it means to “Live Your Prosperous Life”. It is such a blessing to speak at a series whose purpose is to transform pain, frustration, and unhappiness into wellness, joy, and abundance. A series where you can get unstuck and become unstoppable and really be more of who you truly are and express happiness and joy in your life.
Are you ready to live your prosperous life now? If your answer is yes, then I invite you to join me on the Awaken To Happiness Now Global Series with host, Alara Canfield and many other Transformational Leaders. Experience the powerful energy processes, activations, healing techniques, and tools & strategies that will help you to move forward and shift your life and consciousness forever!
When you register, you will receive access to all of the calls and the Happiness Kit to start you on your journey to a more fulfilled, prosperous, and happy life and it’s yours absolutely FREE. Register and get FREE Access to this amazing network of transformational leaders, teachers and thought provokers along with all of the wonderful BONUS gifts.
Alara is truly committed to helping you transform your life to a new level of consciousness through a connection with Spirit and I’m honored to be a part of her extraordinary interactive event.I look forward to having you join us on this amazing journey of joy, prosperity, and happiness.



You’ve got something amazing and Divine to share which is utterly unique to you. It’s like treasure which sings and shines and dances inside you, even when you have no idea how to find it or share it with the world.

If you’d like help finding and connecting with your treasure, join Vandana  on the Your Divine Uniqueness telesummit.

Save the date!

Date: Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Plus when you join Your Divine Uniqueness , you’ll instantly receive a Welcome Gift bundle of treasure-connecting goodness! Get connecting straight away with powerful processes from transformational masters who lovingly offer these gifts to you.

You’ll also get in the flow for more connection opportunities with a wonderful gathering of spiritual luminaries (including me) who have helped thousands of people with personal empowerment and conscious living. We all offer our unique messages and tools to help you:

  • Learn how to connect with your own inner guidance, gifts and strengths
  • Release limitations that block you from living your heart-desired life
  • Find and access the source of true abundance inside yourself
  • Bring more love, joy and peace to your life and your loved ones
  • Plus much, much more!

When you connect with your Divine treasure and feel the Universe coming to and through you, you’ll suddenly realize you don’t need anything or anyone ‘out there’ to give you Peace, Joy, Love or Abundance. Instead you have them for yourself and you can share them with the world.

Join Vandana on the Your Divine Uniqueness  telesummit and take a big step toward becoming the Source of Peace, Love, Joy and Abundance you intuitively know you are!



With the holiday season now behind us, and we look ahead to 2017, sometimes we can easily get paralyzed by the reality of bills coming in, having lack of funds to pay them and feeling like the year is going to be just as bad as the last, right?

Life’s challenges and difficult situations often make us feel disconnected, lacking direction in our life and frankly, at a loss on how to thrive and feel energized again.

If you’ve wondered why success seems elusive and unattainable, then read on to find out how you can reverse the situation, with ease at no charge.

You see, YOU have the potential to change everything.

But to realize that FULL potential you truly have, you must break through your suffocating barriers and remove the self-imposed chains that are holding you from achieving your dreams.

You need to learn to thrive again…

Right here and now you have the potential to set in action a chain of events that can help you break free of your past and welcome a new, clearer and thriving future… and you won’t be alone.

I am honored to have been invited by my friend and colleague Elena Mannes to be a part of a multi-speaker online telesummit event called “Connecting To Light, Time to Thrive” and I want to invite you on this journey with me.

In a hurry? Here’s the link:

Join now at no cost and get access to the amazing gift of incredible energy gifts from world-famous energy and light workers beginning January 11, 2017.

On this series, you will be able to:

* Getting out of financial hardship and finding true wealth

* Stopping further sinking into Debt

* Releasing toxic, negative relationships

* Discovering your intuitive gifts

* Getting more clarity and feeling less disconnected in life

* Managing worry, anxiety, & panic attacks

* Facing the fear of failure

* Dealing with the fear of success

* Overcoming poor physical health

Sounds pretty exciting, doesn’t it?

There are people around the world who have discovered the secret to thriving, and I’m proud to be amongst these amazing though leaders and spiritual teachers who have come together to be a part of this incredible telesummit.

I would love for you to be a part of it.

Join now at no cost and get access to the incredible energy gifts from world famous energy workers:

Register here:

This online Telesummit is LIVE and provided at absolutely no charge to you. I have no doubt it is going to blow your mind with the incredible amount of wisdom that will be shared.

I’m honored to be speaking, and I am even more excited to be an attendee too, listening to Elena’s other amazing guests.

Register Today, it could help you start transforming your life with a BANG!

There is no cost to join!



Let’s Talk…Soul to Soul

Soul Talk – an event that could transform your world!

Join me on Soul Talk on Tuesday, November 29 at 4 PM PDT /6 PM Central/ 7 PM ET as we talk about Detaching From Pain, Fear, & Tribal Consciousness

And as part of my community you get priority seating to ask me  your personal question LIVE and experience my work.
Soul Talk is a gathering of the most high vibrational, cutting edge transformation workers, intuitives, thought leaders and healers in our time, and I love that I can contribute to help bring about change and transformation in these amazing times.
Click here to let the magic begin.



Season 10 Episode 17: Flowing With Grace On The New Earth

What we all have in common is we all have a past filled with stories, conversations, and life experiences. Everything we’ve ever seen, known, heard, or felt is held & stored in our cellular consciousness & dna structure.This includes all of our timelines & dimensions our soul has ever experienced!

Listen to the Show here:



I’m happy to announce that I was invited back to be on a live call with my friend Moncef Afkir from the “Your Divine Uniqueness” Telesummit on October 25th @ 2pm Eastern Time. Call in by phone or listen on your computer to receive A Free Frequency Transmission To Merge With Your Higher Self & It’s Ancient Wisdom With Ease & Grace! Visit this link to learn more & be a part of this party of consciousness!!!

Experience the new earth energies of the stellar ascension cycle to unlock & reveal your soul gifts & avatar abilities at accelerated speed so you can align with the harmonic universe where your higher self lives.

I’m excited to be a featured speaker & present new information about what’s really going on behind the scenes & how you can feel safe & supported being you! I’d love you to be there with me. Click here to come play with me in the quantum field of magical & infinite possibilities here:

Listen to the last seasons episode where I spoke with live callers & empowered listeners to come out of the spiritual closet & live an authentic life here:




speaking on 

Healing Family Karma & Clearing Ancestral Trauma

Healing family Karma & clearing ancestral trauma can be easier & faster than you’ve been told. It doesn’t have to take years & lifetimes of clearings to get free of ancient wounds, family vows, & outdated patterns that keep you spiraling in an endless loop of confusion, delusion and illusion. There is a better way! Vandana will facilitate your sacred soul journey so you and your family can get free all your timelines, lifetimes and dimensions.
On this call:
  • Accelerate Your Soul Awakening & Sacred Path
  • Activate Your Greatest Gifts &  Highest Potential
  • Awaken Your Emotional Intelligence of Your Sleeping    Heart
  • Align Ypur Physical & Multi-Dimensional Chakras
  • Actualize Your Dreams, Visions & Desires with Ease & Grace
Wednesday, October 5th
3pm ET / 2pm CT / 1pm MT / 12pm PT
Attend by Phone:
Guest pin code: 312563#
Primary dial in number: (425) 440-5100



What if it could be easy to always trust, honor, and acknowledge messages and healing information from your Angels, Guides, and loving Guardians?

Vandana is excited to share empowering tools and energetic processes she teaches in her Accelerated Light Healing Program.

As our planet is ascending into higher dimensional consciousness, we require a new navigation system to use in these rapidly changing times to raise our vibrational frequency & expand our consciousness to create more ease, peace, and flow.

The old paradigms of mistrust, suspicion, separation, doubt, and fear cannot hold up to the higher frequencies of photonic light particles and galactic gamma rays from the central sun that are radiating onto planet earth to move us higher into a new earth template based on unconditional love, unity consciousness, collaboration, and co-creation.

At this time of accelerated ascension, we are being called upon to trust our intuition, natural healing abilities, and telepathic gifts to manifest higher creations, claim our sovereignty, and dream our visions and desire into a new reality that will serve our highest good and express our infinite potential as divine humans and way showers of humanity.

Listen to the REPLAY.



Vandana Atara Aura’s Awakening Your Sleeping Heart replay is now available for a limited time.

If your energy is low, or you’re tired after a long day, or you just
want to feel like you can fly and accomplish anything, then listen to
this call!

Vandana showed us how to awaken our sleeping heart and radiate our
love to ourselves (most importantly) and to others🙂

Woo-hoo! We are all floating after today’s call.

After Vandana did a forgiveness clearing, Georgina shared “Thank you
so much!!! I am crying so much!! I guess I am releasing all that
burden, thank you so much, love you!!”

Vandana invited the Arch Angels and their feminine counterparts to do
a healing for us all…a beautiful gift.

Listen to replay ( to experience
all of this and to learn about accelerated light healing:
RICH, RACE, Reality Reset – a powerful, easy tool for these changing times.

She also put together a Special Offer
( all about LOVE,
so please check it out – a special gift for you and your loved ones.

Thank you again for all of you that asked your questions so the rest
of us could benefit!

Thank you for Being the Change We Wish to See in the WORLD!

Much love and gratitude,


PS. I would love to hear your feedback, join us on Facebook and be a
part of the conversation.